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Alfredo Muro

Presented by Louisville Cultural Council

When Alfredo Muro first performed at the Louisville Center for the Arts, he traveled from his home in Lafayette, CO.   He now travels from San Miguel de Allende, and it is a tribute to the value he places on old friends that Louisville is still a stop on his international tour schedule.   Don’t miss the magic when he performs at the Louisville Center for the Arts on Friday, April 14, at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets available at the door. Cash or check only.

Doors open at 7:00, concert at 7:30.

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 Learn more:

 Alfredo Muro’s concerts unfold for audiences as a personal experience.  He is undoubtedly a virtuoso of the classical guitar, yet he brings more than strong technical talent to the stage.  His love for the music he chooses and the sensitivity with which he plays it allows his performances to be deeply felt as well as transcendently heard. He has the rare ability to become the music, losing himself in it and enabling the audience to rise above their own experience and share his. While this is evident on his many recordings, it is in live performance where this manifests most strongly.

The intimate setting of the Louisville Center for the Arts enhances the experience.  Alfredo Muro’s music rises from his fingers, extends its touch, and draws you under his spell.   You will find yourself waking to the sound of your own thunderous applause, wondering how your heart can be so full and your smile so wide. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Come experience the music of three centuries of classical guitar music played by our friend, former neighbor, and internationally renowned virtuoso, Alfredo Muro.  A selection of his recorded music will be on sale.

Here is what others say about Alfredo Muro:

Jose Feliciano:
“The music of Alfredo Muro elevates the guitar to a higher plane than most I’ve had an opportunity to hear. It is moody and melodic. It is richly eloquent as it tells the story of this instrument that is all -too- often hidden in the background in today’s music. This collection in particular, caresses our sense of musicality and inspires the beauty that is still very much a part of this world, despite our hectic life style and mounting responsibilities. I so enjoy listening to Alfredo’s guitar work as it brings me to that place that only really inspiring music can bring one. And when you realize that you’ve listened to the last piece on this CD, you want to hear it all again. And again. It feels good. Well done, my friend.”                  – Jose Feliciano

Fred Dannen, New York Times Best Selling Author:   “Muro has the rare combination of surpassing virtuosity and superb musicianship, and his playing is impossible to resist”  

Isabell Allende, Chilean Author, Winner of National Prize for Literature:  “I love the CD Guitarra Apasionada of Alfredo Muro!”

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