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Silent Movie: "Wrong Again" plus "Safety Last"

Presented by the Louisville Cultural Council

Join the Louisville Cultural Council for an evening of silent movies complete with live piano accompaniment by Rodney Sauer.

 The evening includes two films: the short comedy "Safety Last" followed by the Laurel and Hardy film, "Wrong Again."

Tickets $10, available at the door.


Safety last

 Harold Lloyd is a store clerk, trying to convince his girlfriend back home that he's made it big. When his idea for a publicity stunt -- hiring a building climber to climb the outside of the department store -- goes wrong, he has to climb the building himself. The movie is by turns hilarious and terrifying, as Lloyd runs into trouble on his climb, memorably at one point leaving him hanging from the hands of an enormous clock. At times during our premiere of this score at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival we could not hear ourselves play over the reactions of the crowd. 



Wrong Again

 Laurel and Hardy attempt to return a horse to its owner… and misunderstandings arise. 


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