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A comprehensive plan is a policy document that provides the vision for what a community wants to become and the steps that need to be taken to reach that vision. The plan documents provide guidance and direction to local leaders who are responsible for implementing desired changes and charting the future of the community. Comprehensive plans are reviewed by the Planning Commission and then forwarded with a recommendation of approval to City Council. Then, the Comprehensive Plans are reviewed and adopted by City Council as official policy documents for the City.

Highway 42 Revitalization Comprehensive Plan

City Council adopted the Highway 42 Revitalization Area Comprehensive Plan in September 2003. It applies to an area bounded on the north by South Boulder Road, on the south by Pine Street, on the west by the BNSF railroad and on the east by State Highway 42. The plan recommends the area redevelop over time as a mixed use, transit oriented neighborhood that is an extension of downtown. The plan includes a likely commuter rail station, medium to high density residential projects and a mix of shopping, restaurants, offices, etc. Existing neighborhoods in the area will be preserved. Several efforts are underway to implement the plan, which are summarized in the following paragraphs.

The City adopted new zoning and design guidelines for the Highway 42 area on September 18, 2007:

Downtown Framework Plan 

Louisvilleā€™s historic downtown area is a special asset to the community. As such, it should be preserved, protected and enhanced because it contributes greatly to the character that makes Louisville a special place.

In 1997, at an open public workshop, participants identified the primary issues of concern and general project goals for the downtown area. Out of that group a Steering Committee was developed which was charged with the goal to oversee the framework plan and design guidelines for downtown Louisville.

Downtown Parking and Pedestrian Action Plan

The Downtown Parking and Pedestrian Action Plan was completed to address parking needs and pedestrian mobility challenges in such a way that maintains and enhances the unique character of Downtown Louisville. The objective of the plan is to better manage on-street parking resources and better utilize off-street parking supply, using both short and long term solutions focused on creating a vibrant, walkable, and economically vital Downtown Louisville. 

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