Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a question about anything about City services, departments or anything else related to Louisville? Take a look below at some of the topics the City has been asked about. Can't find your answer? Submit your own question by clicking here. 

  • Why can a utility company do work on my property? A utility company can perform work on your property only within a dedicated utility easement. Access over non-encumbered private property to the utility easement requires property owner approval. An easement is a permanent right authorizing a person or party (i.e. Xcel, Comcast, CenturyLink) to use the described portion of the property for a particular purpose. Utility easements are normally dedicated during the planning phase of development and are depicted on the plat. Easements can also be deeded at a later date by separate instrument. Residents can view plats with the location of easements on the City’s Land Use & Planning Online Map at Residents can also come into City Hall and request assistance with interpreting a plat in the Public Works Department.
  • Is the City closing the Davidson Mesa Dog Off-Leash Area? No, the City is not planning on closing the Davidson Mesa Dog-Off Leash Area. The City supports the Open Space Advisory Board's (OSAB) efforts to continue to develop a broad range of options and recommendations to help improve the use and management of the off-leash area and to ensure its future sustainability. Moving forward City staff will be working with OSAB and the Parks and Public Landscaping Advisory Board to review and make recommendations for general dog park needs. If you would like to continue to receive information on this topic, please subscribe to our enotifications at (Davidson Mesa Dog Off-Leash Area).
  • Why were the cottonwood trees removed at the Recreation/Senior Center? After careful assessment of the two cottonwood trees east of the Recreation/Senior Center adjacent to the concrete path, it was concluded that they were unsafe and needed to be removed. The City worked with Davey Tree Company and Bees and Trees to cut down the cottonwood trees and relocate the beehive inside the trunk. The Parks and Public Landscaping Advisory Board will be working with City staff on a landscape plan for the impacted area and will present conceptual plans for public comment before finalizing and implementing the plan.
  • Why was the Blue Parrot sign removed? The Blue Parrot sign was removed as a new owner purchased the property in 2017. The City landmarked the sign and allocated funds from the Historic Preservation Fund to acquire it. The sign will be stored at City Services until it is relocated to a City facility for visitors and residents to enjoy.