Meeting Room Reservations

The Library has two public meeting rooms available. When not previously booked by a Library or other City-government group, the room is available for use by:

  1. Organized, non-profit groups which offer philanthropic, educational, or cultural programs to the community
  2. For-profit businesses that are physically located in Louisville or Superior

Please read the Meeting Room Policy for complete information on usage guidelines:

Room Reservation Fee

  • Non-profit Groups
    •  Use of meeting rooms is free for organized non-profits located in Louisville and Superior.
    • For all other non-profits, a fee of $25 per hour—or portion thereof—will apply.
  • For-profit Groups
    •  Use of meeting rooms is reserved for businesses located in Louisville and Superior. A fee of $45 per hour—or portion thereof—will apply.

Room Capacities

  • First-floor Meeting Room
    Fire Code limits occupancy to 70. There are chairs for approximately 55-60. Ideal capacity also depends on how tables and chairs are arranged for a particular meeting (e.g., auditorium or classroom style). Each group is responsible to set up the room as they wish and return it to its standard setup when finished.
  • Second-floor Board Room
    Fire Code limits occupancy to 30. There is seating for 14 around the conference table. A few additional chairs are available in the room for gallery seating around the perimeter of the room.

Applications are generally processed Monday through Friday. Please allow 2-3 business days for application processing and confirmation of your reservation.

A reservation may be made no more than 60 days in advance and a group is limited to one meeting in a 30-day period. Maximum reservation time is limited to four hours.