City Hall and City Services will be closed on January 30th from 8-10 am while staff attends an all-employee meeting. These facilities will reopen at 10 am for residents and visitors to conduct business with the City. We appreciate your understanding!

Strategic Plan

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In 2018 the City completed its first organizational strategic plan. The Strategic Plan is intended to convey how the City government can best serve our residents now and into the future. The Strategic Plan includes the City's mission, vision and values and highlights some of the high priorities we will accomplish over the next one to two years. The purpose of the plan is to serve as a roadmap for the organization, to strengthen the organizational culture, and to serve as a communication tool for the community to understand the City's strategic vision and operating guidelines. To view the Strategic Plan, click here.

The City continues to move forward with its program-based budget structure, which includes program areas with specific goals and sub-programs with measurable objectives. These goals and objectives are measured through our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Strategic Plan reflects how our Priority Initiatives are aligned with these program areas. In essence, the program and sub-program areas reflect all of the work the City performs on a day-to-day basis, while the Priority Initiatives reflect those high-priority efforts that represent an increase financial and resource investment over a period of time. This mission, vision and values reflect how the City does this work.


The City of Louisville - dedicated to providing a vibrant, healthy community with the best small town atmosphere.


Our commitment is to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life in our community.


Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Excellence


181016 Louisville Strategic Framework