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East County Cyclists Invited to Bike-Focused Transportation Master Plan Update

Post Date:04/03/2019 2:00 PM

As you may know, the City of Louisville is completing a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to identify current and future transportation needs within the City. Boulder County is completing a similar plan for the entire County and is hosting a meeting for cyclists of all ages and abilities who reside in the eastern portions of the County to attend a focused discussion about the present and future of bicycle infrastructure in the area. The meeting is Monday, April 8th from 5:30-7:30 pm at the Louisville Public Library (951 Spruce St). Snacks will be provided.

The meeting is geared towards those riders who live east of 75th Street. Attendees will learn more about and discuss:

  • The County's TMP Update Project’s draft recommendations, available at
  • The Bicycle Level of Stress Analysis that was completed as part of the TMP Update
  • Current conditions and potential future enhancements to the transportation network

“We’d really like to hear from cyclists who reside in the county’s eastern communities because they are major users of our roads and trails and they can provide valuable insight on what it means to get around the county on two wheels,” said County Bicycle Planner Alexandra Phillips. “The TMP Update includes recommendations for improvements to cycling infrastructure, but we want to ensure that it’s right for county riders before it’s adopted.”

For more information on the meeting, contact Alexandra Phillips, Boulder County bicycle planner, at 303-441-4520 or

The County's TMP is being updated to include: new or trending transportation-related technology; changes in demographics, land use, and travel patters; and, opportunities for infrastructure and economic resiliency. Work also includes identification of funding challenges and opportunities.

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