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Tree trimming code reminder

Post Date:10/28/2019 4:14 PM

Your cooperation is needed! Streets, sidewalks, and other public rights-of-way are for everyone’s use. Property owners are responsible for their private trees and all other vegetation in the public right-of-way next to their property. Please trim any vegetation on your property that is overhanging sidewalks, trails, alleys, or streets.

Why do trees need to be trimmed?

Trimming and caring for your trees not only maintains good tree health but also enhances neighborhood safety. Overgrown vegetation is a safety hazard and limits the use of sidewalks, trails, streets, and alleys. It can also block the view of traffic signs, signals, vehicles, or cyclists. To ensure safe passage for everyone, trim tree limbs and vegetation at least 16 feet above streets or alleys to allow for delivery trucks, garbage trucks, and snowplows and at least 8 feet above sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists.

Who is responsible for trimming trees?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and care for trees that are situated or overhanging any street or public right-of-way, per Ord. No. 1484-2006, § 1, 2-7-2006. City Forestry does not conduct maintenance of trees on private property. If needed, property owners should consult with a licensed, independent landscape contractor or arborist to arrange for the removal of trees or tree branches on private property.

Where can I dispose of tree branches?

Louisville residents can drop off branches at the branch disposal site, located just to the north of the Louisville Cemetery on Empire Road, the first full weekend of each month from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. For questions, contact City Forester Chris Lichty at 303-335-4733 or

Thank you for doing your part to create safe pathways in the City of Louisville.


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