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Louisville Great Horned Owl Webcams are Back

Louisville Great Horned Owls webcams are back

Post Date:01/30/2020 2:00 PM

The City of Louisville Open Space Division has once again partnered with the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute (CARRI) to install outdoor web cameras in Great Horned Owl nesting areas on Louisville Open Space properties. These 24/7 cameras provide a live feed of local owl nests offering the possibility to witness the courtship, incubation, and feeding activities of local Great Horned Owls during the breeding season (January-May).  

This is the second year for this program. During the 2019 breeding season, one of these cameras captured the private moments of a pair of these mysterious raptors as they raised their family. The live camera feed had over 40k views as people tuned in to watch the owl pair court, incubate three eggs, hatch the eggs, and care for the chicks until all three eventually fledged the nest.

Cameras this year have observed owls frequently visiting two of the nest box locations. As of January 30, all nest locations are empty, with no signs of incubation. If the nests become active, anticipated incubation is mid to late February with chicks born sometime in May.

Regardless of where the owls choose to nest, Open Space staff is excited the public can learn about the Great Horned Owl and gain a new appreciation for our fascinating wildlife through these cameras. 

The City of Louisville would like to give thanks to the Colorado Avian Research and Rehabilitation Institute, Marty O’Connor, and the Wecker family for helping to make this possible. 

Watch the live owl cams and video clips of past activity on the City of Louisville website Open Space Division page. Please view owl activity via the cameras and do not approach the nests. For questions, contact Open Space Specialist Catherine Jepson at

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