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Equality and racial justice in Louisville

Post Date:06/07/2020 11:50 AM

The City of Louisville is supportive of all efforts to ensure equality and justice in the community. We strive to be an anti-racist, inclusive community that is welcoming and safe for all. At the June 2nd City Council meeting, Mayor Ashley Stolzmann said, “Our country has a dark history of racism and hate and this history has led up to the murder of George Floyd last week. We’ve seen a growing number of individuals protesting the excessive and unreasonable force that was used by law enforcement. I’d like to thank everyone for speaking their mind about the incident and respecting each other’s right to speak, demonstrate peacefully and call for change.”

Mayor Stolzmann continued, “We must not detract from the important message and the call to action by engaging with violence. I want to reaffirm the commitment of the Louisville Police Department to the community and the quality of service they provide to the public. The City is dedicated to maintaining peace.” Mayor Stolzmann called for a moment of silence to honor George Floyd’s memory and “to reflect on the change we will work to realize so that all can enjoy equal protection under the law.”

The Louisville Police Department is dedicated to providing excellent services to all members of the community. Officers participate in annual trainings on a number of topics that include both explicit and implicit bias, use of force and response to resistance, and has specific contemporary policies in place to ensure that the law is enforced equally, fairly, objectively and without discrimination toward any individual or group. The Police Department Policy Manual can be found on the City’s website at

The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office also released a statement last week calling for the community and law enforcement to work to ensure the community does not fear those who are there to protect them. All eight leaders of Boulder County’s law enforcement agencies, including Louisville’s Police Chief David Hayes, signed the statement. You can review the full statement at

In response to community requests, City Council has asked that the Police Department provide an update on their practices and policies at the June 16th City Council meeting. We encourage residents to attend that meeting to review our use of force policies and provide input on their own experiences with law enforcement in Louisville. This is an opportunity for the City to be proactive and prevent racial issues from developing in our community. You can view the link for the meeting and the packet with materials at
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