The Louisville Historical Museum plays a key role in showing young people the interesting history and development of their community. There are also many opportunities presented at the Museum for educators and caregivers to use to introduce the idea of history and the past to younger children.

The Museum has lent support to educators and students in the Louisville community for over thirty years. Below are some of the educational resources that the Museum has provided. To contact the Museum about these resources, please send us an email.

Tours in the Museum

Public and private school teachers (as well as scout groups) can schedule tours of the Museum for any age group by contacting the Museum at least a few weeks in advance.

  • Please include information about whether you have multiple classes to bring and the approximate number of people in the classes or group.
  • Due to the small sizes of the Museum buildings, we will ask you to divide classes of more than 25 people into two groups, and extra staffing will be arranged for the tour in order to accommodate everyone.
  • We will be happy to emphasize specific topics upon request, such as the area’s coal mining history or daily life.

Downtown Walking Tours

The Historical Museum can be included as a stop during a downtown walking tour of Louisville that an educator or group might organize. A look at the Museum’s buildings and in particular the Replica of Historic Downtown Louisville will complement a walking tour.

Filming on the Museum Campus

With supervision and prior approval, the Tomeo House is available as a location for making short films for middle school and high school projects for which a historical house background is needed.

The Louisville Historian Quarterly Publication

The Museum sends its quarterly publication, The Louisville Historian, not only to paying members but also on a complimentary basis to area educators and school libraries. Let us know if you are a local educator who uses or discusses local history in the classroom and who would like to be added to the mailing list.

Research Assistance

  • The Museum staff and volunteers can assist individual students with locating resources for history-related projects and papers. Advance notice is always appreciated.
  • The Museum’s online photo collection is an exciting resource for teachers and students. Some elementary teachers have students write stories based on what is happening in the photos.
  • The Museum staff has in the past participated in interviews with journalism students and worked with high school students to take photos of buildings in downtown Louisville to donate to the Museum so that current Louisville can be documented for the future.