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General Development Plan - Information

This page provides information for General Development Plan (GDP) and GDP Amendment applications, which require a public hearing before Planning Commission and City Council.  Please contact the Planning Department with questions on the process, or to set up a Pre-Application conference to discuss an application. 

What is a General Development Plan?

All property zone Planned Community Zone District requires a General Development Plan subject to Chapter 17.72 to establish parameters and standards for the development of the property, including:
    - The proposed use of all lands within the subject property
    - The type or character of development and number of dwelling units per gross acre
    - The proposed location of school sites, parks, open spaces, recreation facilities and other public and quasi public facilities
    - The proposed location of all streets

Prior to submitting an application for a GDP or GDP Amendment, a Pre-Application conference is required.

Submittal Requirements

1.  Application
2.  Written narrative addressing the intent of the development
3.  Proof of ownership and legal description
4.  Current Title Policy or Title Insurance Commitment
5.  Written authorization from the property owner, if not the applicant
6.  Stamped envelopes addressed to all property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  Do not include a return address
7. GDP Plan Sheets, which may include
      a. Cover sheet
      b. Development plan
      c. Landscape standards
      d. Architectural standards
      e. Photometric standards
      f. Any other plan sheets as necessary
8. 3 copies of any required reports, such as drainage, utility, traffic, etc
9. Any other items determined necessary to adequately review the application
10.  Fee

Submit all information by appointment as separate PDFs to the Planning Department.  Click here for the submittal and public hearing schedule.  


Once an application is received and deemed complete, it will be processed consistent with the public hearing development review schedule.  Prior to public hearings, a public notice will be mailed to property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  A sign will be posted on the property, and a pubic notice will be posted at the City's designated public notice locations and published in the Daily Camera. More information can be found in the packet of information.

The final decision is made by City Council, following a recommendation from Planning Commission.