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Special Review Use - Public Hearing Information

This page provides information for Special Review Use applications requiring consideration through a public hearing before Planning Commission and City Council.  Some applications may be considered administratively, with information found here.  Please contact the Planning Department with questions on the process, or to set up a Pre-Application conference to discuss an application.  More information can be found in this packet.

What is a Special Review Use?

Some uses of property are considered "by-right", and others require additional review to determine if they are appropriate for a particular site.  Please consult the Planning Department to discuss if a Special Review Use is required.

 Submittal Requirements

1.  Application
2.  Written request addressing:
        a.  A description of the SRU request, including but not limited to the type of business, hours of operation, expected parking needs, etc.   
        b.  A response to each of the Criteria and Conditions for Approval
3.  A to-scale site plan showing the following as applicable: the location of the business if in a multi-tenant building, any areas of outdoor uses, the location of buildings and structures, off-street parking and loading areas, service and refuse areas, lighting location and details, means of egress and ingress, major landscaping or screening proposals, signs, and pedestrian areas
4.  A floor plan and/or site plan of the business showing the location of all associated uses (office, school, warehouse, retail, outdoor seating, etc)
5.  Proof of ownership, such as a warranty deed
6.  Written authorization from the property owner, if not the applicant
7.  Stamped envelopes addressed to all property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  Do not include a return address
8.  Any other items determined necessary to adequately review the application
8.  Fee

Prior to submittal of an application, a Pre-Application conference may be required.  Click here for more information.

Submit all information by appointment as separate PDFs to the Planning Department.  Click here for the submittal and public hearing schedule.

It is possible to process other required applications, such as a PUD or Plat, concurrently.  The Planning Department will determine if this is possible.


Once an application is received and deemed complete, it will be processed consistent with the public hearing development review schedule.  Prior to public hearings, a public notice will be mailed to property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  A sign will be posted on the property, and a pubic notice will be posted at the City's designated public notice locations and published in the Daily Camera.

The final decision is made by City Council, following a recommendation from Planning Commission.  

Special Review Use Criteria

In order to approve a Special Review Use, the following criteria in Section 17.40.100 must be met:

     1. The proposed use is consistent in all respects with the spirit and intent of the comprehensive plan and of this chapter, and that it would not be contrary to the general welfare and economic prosperity of the city or the immediate neighborhood;

     2. That such use/development will lend economic stability, compatible with the character of the surrounding established areas;

    3. That the use/development is adequate for the internal efficiency of the proposal, considering the functions of the residents, recreation, public access, safety and such factors including circulation, storm drainage facilities, sewage and water facilities, grades, dust control and such other factors directly related to public health and convenience;

     4. That the external effects of the proposal are controlled, considering compatibility of land use; movement or congestion of traffic services, including arrangement of signs and lighting devices as to prevent the occurrence of nuisances; landscaping and other similar features to prevent littering or accumulation of trash, together with other factors deemed to effect public health, welfare, safety and convenience;

   5. That an adequate amount and proper location of pedestrian walks, malls and landscaped spaces to prevent pedestrian use of vehicular ways and parking spaces and to separate pedestrian walks, malls and public transportation loading places from general vehicular circulation facilities