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Subdivision - Information

This page provides information for Subdivision (Plat) applications, which require a public hearing before Planning Commission and City Council.  Please contact the Planning Department with questions on the process, or to set up a Pre-Application conference to discuss an application. More information can be found in this packet.

What is Subdivision Plat?

A subdivision plat is the means by which property is divided or combined for the purposes of sale or building development.  Prior to submitting an application for a Plat, a Pre-Application conference is required.  The Planning Department will provide direction on the type of Subdivision Plat required (Preliminary, Final, or Minor Subdivision Plat).

 Submittal Requirements

1.  Application
2.  Written request addressing:
        a.  A description of the Plat request, including the intent of the development
        b.  A description of each modification request, subject to the criteria in Sec. 16.24
3.  Proof of ownership and legal description
4.  Current Title Policy or Title Insurance Commitment
5.  Written authorization from the property owner, if not the applicant
7.  Stamped envelopes addressed to all property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  Do not include a return address
8. Plat Sheets, prepared by a surveyor licensed in the State of Colorado
9. 3 copies of any required reports and plans, such as drainage, utility, traffic, etc
10. Public land dedication proposal
11. Any other items determined necessary to adequately review the application
12.  Fee

Submit all information by appointment as separate PDFs to the Planning Department.  Click here for the submittal and public hearing schedule.

It is possible to process other required applications, such as a SRU or PUD, concurrently.  The Planning Department will determine if this is possible.


Once an application is received and deemed complete, it will be processed consistent with the public hearing development review schedule.  Prior to public hearings, a public notice will be mailed to property owners and businesses within 500 feet.  A sign will be posted on the property, and a pubic notice will be posted at the City's designated public notice locations and published in the Daily Camera. 

The final decision is made by City Council, following a recommendation from Planning Commission.