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Child Care

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Drop-In Child Care Services
Child Care provides a stimulating environment for your child to explore and interact with other children while you enjoy the benefits of the facility. Babysitting offers no structured curriculum. Parents must remain in the facility to use the babysitting services and may not leave the building at any time for any reason. Children must be at least 6 months old* to be cared for, and no older than 12 years of age.


The babysitting facility operates on a drop-in basis. Limited space available! No reservations are taken. The ratio of child care aides to children is 1 to 8, with additional consideration given to situations with a large number of babies. The decision on the number of children accepted will be at the discretion of the child care staff and management. Children may remain in KiCorner for a maximum of 2 hours.          



When placing an infant in child care who is unable to sit up on his or her own, please bring an infant seat or chair. Child care will not provide diaper changing services. If a child has a soiled diaper the parents will be notified to change the child in the facility restrooms.

You may bring a snack for your child. Please bring snacks in non-glass/non-breakable containers. No gum, hard candy, soda, red juices, anything sticky, popcorn, seeds, or peanut products. Please label all items brought into child care room. Because of the large number of infants in the child care room, we ask that you not bring small toys or games with tiny pieces. These small items could pose a risk for smaller children.

If this is the child's first time in the child care room, or the child is having a hard time settling down, you may want to bring in a favorite/familiar toy or blanket from home to comfort them. As a courtesy to all, we ask that sick children not be brought into the facility. Children displaying symptoms of illness will not be permitted to remain under our service.             


Punch Card Fees (non-refundable)
10 hours / 40 Punches / Cost: $21 (resident) $26 (non-resident)
 (Each punch is equal to 15 minutes of Child Care)

Drop-in Fee
For those guests who do not wish to purchase a child care punch card, the drop-in rates are as follows:
First Child: $3.25/hour (resident); $4.50/hour (non-resident)
Each Additional Child (same family): $2.75/hour (resident); $3.50/hour (non-resident)
Minimum one hour. You will be charged for an additional hour for anytime in addition to the first hour (i.e., 1 hour, 15 minutes is charged for 2 hours). Child care use must be paid on a daily basis at the front desk and a copy of the receipt must be presented to the child care staff member when signing the child out of the child care room. Parents will be asked to pick up their child on time; a $1 per minute late fee may be assessed.

For more information contact Peggy Jones at (303) 335-4920 or email

Annual Kids Corner Pass
If you use Child Care 2.5 hours or more a week, it is more economical to purchase an annual pass.  The savings are even greater if you have two or more children.

Annual Pass Rates:
1 child: $262 (resident)/$327 (non-resident)
Each additional child: $52 (resident)/$65 (non-resident)
No refunds. May be purchased at the Front Desk.