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Dark Sky Lighting

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If you are considering updating or replacing your outdoor lights you may want to think about being “dark sky friendly” and help reduce light pollution in our City.  This can be as simple as using shielded light fixtures and directing them downward, using warm white bulbs, and using a timer, dimmer or motion detector on lights so you only use as much light as needed. 

Dark Sky 1

 What is light pollution?  Most of us are familiar with air or water pollution, but light can be a pollutant as well.  Light pollution is the excessive use of artificial light.  Light pollution has been shown to be harmful to human health, disrupt natural sleep patterns, negatively impact wildlife, and excessive lighting wastes energy and money.  Reducing light pollution also helps us experience the beautiful nighttime sky of Colorado.

While good outdoor lighting is necessary for safety and security, there are many ways to design dark sky friendly lighting that enhances visibility.  Bright, unshielded lighting can actually inhibit safety though glare and creating light and dark areas where it is difficult to see.  More lighting is not always better lighting. 

Dark Sky 2

For more information on dark sky lighting benefits and resources you can visit the International Dark Sky Association website at  

Discounts for Residents

The following Louisville retailers are offering a discount for dark sky fixtures:

  • Lowe's Home Improvement (1171 W Dillon Rd, 303-665-1335) - 10% discount on dark sky rated fixtures through July 2019.