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 Alteration Certificate

What needs an alteration certificate?
An alteration certificate is required for any changes to the exterior of a landmarked property or property going through the landmark process that requires a building permit. Alteration certificates are not required for routine maintenance, such as painting. 

How does the Historic Preservation Commission review an alteration certificate?
The Historic Preservation Commission reviews alteration certificates on an individual basis with criteria listed in the Louisville Municipal Code. The review focuses on how the proposed changes will impact the landmarked property rather than the type of work. 

What is the process for an alteration certificate?*

  1. Applicant meets with planning staff.
  2. Applicant submits the following:
    • Application form
    • Narrative letter describing work
    • Architectural drawings showing changes
    • Other supplemental information as required by staff
  3. A staff person and two (2) randomly selected members of the Historic Preservation Commission shall review all applications for landmark alteration certificates to determine whether or not the proposed work would have a significant impact upon or be potentially detrimental to a landmark site or historic district.

    A) No significant impact - If it is that there would be no significant impact or potential detriment, the City shall issue a landmark alteration certificate to the applicant and shall notify the Commission of such issuance.
    B) Commission referral. If one of the Commission designees determines that the proposed work would create a significant impact or potential detriment, they shall refer the application to the Commission for a public

  4. Historic Preservation Commission holds public hearing no more than 60 days after application submitted. Commission approves or denies request.

 *Alteration Certificate process can run concurrently with Grant/Loan and Landmark