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Historic Structure Assessment

What is a Historic Structure Assessment grant? 
A historic structure assessment creates a plan for how to take care of a historic building. The City of Louisville Historic Preservation Fund allows grants of up to $4,000 for a residential Historic Structure Assessment (HSA) and up to $9,000 for a commercial HSA for properties eligible to be landmarked. The purpose of the HSA is to create a priority list for structural and historical architectural elements which need to be preserved or restored. The Historic Structure Assessment grant does not commit the property owner or the City to a future landmark designation. City Staff, the Historic Preservation Commission and City Council will use this information for any future preservation/restoration grant applications.

 What is the Historic Structure Assessment process?*

  1. Applicant meets with staff to discuss process
  2. Applicant submits the following:
  3. Staff conducts research on the property and schedules public hearing
  4. Historic Preservation Commission reviews the application at public hearing and determines if the property is eligible for the Historic Structure Assessment grant
  5. Applicant coordinates with one of the pre-approved professionals, of their choosing, to conduct the HSA
  6. Professional will conduct the HSA per the attached Scope of Work
  7. Staff reviews a draft of HSA report
  8. Applicant provides the final HSA and Invoice to staff for review and reimbursement
  9. Applicant meets with staff to discuss next steps