Louisville Landmark

What is the landmarking process?*
  1. Applicant meets with staff to discuss process
  2. Applicant submits the following:
  3. Staff conducts research on the property and schedules public hearing
  4. Historic Preservation Commission reviews the application at public hearing and makes recommendation to City Council
  5. City Council reviews the application at public hearing
  6. If approved, applicant receives $1000 landmarking bonus
  7. All landmarks from the previous year are recognized during Landmarking Ceremony in May

*Landmark process can run concurrently with Grant/Loan and Alteration Certificate.

How do the Historic Preservation Commission and City Council determine eligibility for landmarking?
Landmarks must be at least 50 years old, meet one or more of the criteria for architectural, social or geographic/environmental significance, and meet one of more criteria for architectural integrity as described in Louisville Municipal Code.

What properties are landmarked?
A map of current landmarks is available here.