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Wireless Facility - Information

The Planning and Building Safety Department is responsible for overseeing applications for Wireless Facilities in Louisville.  Prior to issuance of a building permit, approval under Louisville Municipal Code Chapter 17.42 is required.   The approval process varies by application type and may be administrative, or may require public hearings before Planning Commission or City Council.  Please contact the Planning Department with questions on the process, or to set up a Pre-Application conference to discuss an application. 

Submittal Requirements

Eligible Facilities Request:

1.  Application
2. Scaled site plans, scaled elevations, and other supporting documentation sufficient to demonstrate that the facilities meet the eligible facilities request requirements.

All Other Wireless Facilities not in Right-of-Way:

1. Application
2.  Written authorization from the owner of the property or infrastructure
3.  Signal interference letter
4.  Radio frequency emissions letter
5.  Scaled site plan
7.  Photo simulations
8.  Scaled elevations
9.  Other supporting documentation, including location and dimension of all improvements, including topography, radio frequency coverage, tower heights, setbacks, drives, parking, fencing, landscaping, adjacent uses, drainage, and other information deemed necessary by the City to assess compliance with Chapter 17.42
10.  Fee

Small Cell Facilities in the Right-of-Way:

 1.  Application
 2. Scaled site plans, scaled elevations, and other supporting documentation sufficient to demonstrate  that the facilities meet the requirements of Chapter 17.42.

 Submit all information by appointment as separate PDFs to the Planning Department.