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Leaf & Branch Drop Off & Collection

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The City of Louisville offers residents a number of options for leaf and branch disposal.

Drop off and collection


Available everyday,   year-round


Grass clippings

Compostable bags


Republic customers only

Republic compost carts







1000 Empire Road (State Highway 42/Pine Street)







Curbside Leaf & Branch Collection Events







Louisville Sports Complex







Branch recycle site (Empire Road, north of Louisville Cemetery)







*Branches must fit in the cart with the lid closed

View a map of the leaf and branch drop off locations. 


You can always add leaves, grass clippings, and branches to your compost cart. Residents participating in the city-wide solid waste program through Republic Services can upgrade to a 96 gallon compost cart at no extra cost. To upgrade, call Republic’s Louisville Customer Service line on (303) 286-5400 (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm) or complete the website contact form.

1000 Empire Road: Year-round drop off location

Residents may always drop off leaves and grass clippings at 1000 Empire Road (northeast corner of State Highway 42 and Pine Street). No plastic bags, trash, branches, or other garden waste. The location is shared with the Metal Drop Off and RV Dump Station.

Republic's Curbside Leaf & Branch Collection Event

Residents participating in the city-wide solid waste program through Republic Services can take part in the new Curbside Leaf & Branch Collection Event. Republic will collect up to twenty (20) compostable bags and an unlimited number of bundles of shrubbery and tree limbs cut to 4’ length, no more than 18” in diameter, and tied with twine or rope.

Tuesday and Wednesday Customers: Saturday, October 19 (materials curbside before 7 am)
Thursday and Friday Customers: Saturday, November 9 (materials curbside before 7 am)

Another curbside collection event will take place in the spring. For more information, visit Republic's Louisville website or call Republic’s Louisville Customer Service line on (303) 286-5400 (Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm).

Leaf drop off at Louisville Sports Complex: Oct 14 - Nov 20, 2019

On October 14, 2019, the City begins the annual leaf drop off at the Louisville Sports Complex. This site will be open until November 20.

• Open daily from 7:30 am until 3 pm
• Only leaves and grass clippings are accepted (no branches or trash)
• No paper, plastic, or compostable bags (please empty leaves out of bags and take bags away)
• The Sports Complex is located at 1200 Courtesy Road (the ballfield complex off of State Highway 42)
• The drop off site is at the southend/back of the parking lot

If you have any questions about the Leaf drop off at the Louisville Sports Complex, please call (303) 335-4750.

Branch recycle site (and free mulch)

The site, located just to the north of the Louisville Cemetery on Empire Road, is open to Louisville residents the first full weekend of each month, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Branch Recycle Site open weekends are displayed on the City Calendar.

Proof of residency will be checked at the gate by City staff. This site only accepts woody plant material such as tree and shrub debris. Leafs and grass clippings are not accepted.

Please note the mulch by the front gate is available for pick up by residents and non-residents at any time.

For more information about the Branch recycle site, please contact Chris Lichty, City Forester, at (303) 335.4733.

Directions to branch recycle site - From downtown Louisville at the intersection of Main Street and Pine Street, take Pine Street east. It will cross Highway 42 and turn into Empire Road. Remain on Empire Road about 1.3 miles. The recycling site will be on your right just before the Louisville Cemetery.

Mulching your leaves

A great alternative to raking and bagging leaves is to mow them and put the nutrients back in the soil, which is what the City’s Parks Department does. Turning leaves to mulch is good for the grass and inhibits weed growth.

The horticulture experts over at Colorado State University’s Extension Office in Longmont shared some handy information with us on this topic from Michigan State University.