What is the Purpose of the Library Board of Trustees?

The Library Board of Trustees (LBOT) is an advisory board whose purpose is to support the Louisville Library staff and advocate for the Library in the community. Some of the duties and activities of the LBOT are:

  • Serve as advisors in the review and development of policy for the Louisville Public Library
  • Develop, review, and update the Library's Strategic Plan
  • Communicate with City Council on matters relating to the Library
    • Ashley Stolzmann is the current City Council liaison to the LBOT
  • Promote use of the Library within the community
photo of Library Board members repainting Little Library
  • Develop and perform outreach activities
    • Little Libraries
    • Community events
    • One Book 4 Colorado
    • National Library Week

  • Collaborate as needed with the Louisville Library Foundation to help promote Library services and programs
    • On The Same Page one-book program
    • Library Makerspace
  • Have Louisville Public Library cards!

The LBOT promotes the Library via outreach activities and projects, as well as working with other entities in the community. If you have ideas or thoughts about the way the Library can partner with other Louisville organizations, contact one of the LBOT members with your ideas.

How Does the Library Board of Trustees Operate?

The Library Board of Trustees is an advisory board with seven members that are each appointed for a 5-year term by the Mayor and City Council of Louisville. Six board members are from Louisville, and one member is from the Town of Superior, in compliance with provisions of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the two municipalities.

The Library Board currently meets six times annually, on the 2nd Thursday of odd-numbered months.The Board can meet more often if needed to accomplish specific goals. All meetings of the Library Board are posted in accordance with City of Louisville Municipal Code.

 2018 Meeting Schedule
 January 11 July 12
 March 8
September 13
 May 10
November 8


Current Members

    Renée Batzloff-Gurganus
member since Jan. 2016

Since moving to Louisville, the Louisville Library has become a place of importance to my family. It is a safe and enriching environment for my son to explore. As a Library Board member, I would like to ensure that the Library can continue to provide, and even expand upon, the resources and programs that so benefit the community. I am primarily interested in science outreach and encouraging students, particularly girls, in pursuing a technical career.
Richard Chamberlin photo   Richard Chamberlin, secretary
member since Jan. 2016

I am a physicist, a bicyclist, and I love books and reading. I joined the Library board to try to give something back to this great community.
Sherri Lancton   Sherri Lancton, vice president
member since Jan. 2012
I moved to Louisville after living in Boulder for about 20 years and have really enjoyed our small town feel and the access to excellent amenities—open space, art and music, and the wonderful Library. I actually worked in my home town library during high school and college and have always been an avid reader and library user. I'm happy to be a part of the Louisville Library as a member of the Board of Trustees.
Helana Lechner
  Helana Lechner
member since Jan. 2014

I have lived in Colorado for over 40 years and love living here. I moved to Louisville in 1997 and appreciate our small town way of life. I volunteered with the Library Board to show my appreciation for the great town we live in and help to maintain our quality of life. As a child of a single, low income parent, the library was a wonderful place for me to visit. It was open to all and it did not cost anything to check out a book. That's a really good feeling for a poor kid. As a member of the Library Board, I hope to ensure that children and adults of all socioeconomic levels feel welcome to the Library.
Jeannie Schuman   Jeannie Schuman, president
member since Jan. 2009

When I retired, I was looking for a volunteer opportunity here in Louisville. The Louisville Library Board of Trustees was a great fit. I have loved reading and books my whole life. During my time as a teacher, connecting with children around books was one of my favorite times in the classroom. Being a Board member offers me a chance to continue encouraging reading and learning in a different way. As a member of the Board, I get to support our terrific Library and represent the interests of our community.
Conor Seyle photo    Conor Seyle
member since Jan. 2017

I joined the Library Board because I think libraries are a quiet but central part of healthy communities. Since I was young, the local public library has been a place I've gone to for relaxing, learning, and engaging with what's happening in the places where I live. The Louisville Public Library is a fantastic institution in our town, and over the years I've lived here I've seen how engaged it is in building our community. I wanted to join the board to be a part of this great place, and help out in finding ways we can contribute to keeping Louisville one of the best places in the world to live. In my day job, I'm a research psychologist and the director of a local think-tank that works on supporting peace internationally.
Sandie Hammerly photo

Sandie Hammerly
member since Jan. 2017

Town of Superior representative and member of the Town of Superior Board of Trustees.