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Garage & Yard Sale Sign Regulations

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The following information is to assist residents of Louisville with a successful garage or yard sale event. The goal is to keep Louisville a safe and aesthetically pleasing community to live in while allowing residents the opportunity to hold a garage or yard sale. Your cooperation in placing signs is appreciated.

In Louisville, there is no permit required to hold yard sale. However, there are guidelines for placing yard or garage sale signs to advertise your sale.

It is customary to place signs around town to advertise the event. Generally, residents place signs improperly which leads others to believe, incorrectly, that signs can be placed anywhere. If the signs are improperly placed they are subject to removal or you may receive a visit from a Code Enforcement Officer to inform you of your improper sign.

Signs are not to be posted:

  • on any post or pole, including utility pole or traffic sign pole
  • on any fence or tree
  • in any public right-of-way, including all medians as part of the street
  • on any street or sidewalk
  • on any car, truck, trailer or other personal vehicle as a method of advertising or directing the public to your yard sale
  • on any City Property, including parks, park paths, open space, open space paths, trails or fields.


Improperly placed signs are subject to removal. This includes the locations above. Please place your signs in a yard or on private property.

Garage and yard sale signs are ONLY allowed on private property. You may place signs in yards, but please remember to ask permission of the property owner or occupant if you want to place your sign in their yard.

Also, please remember the following:

  • All garage and yard sale signs must have the time, date, and place of the sale. If the signs do not have the complete information they may be subject to removal. Or you may have a visit from the Code Enforcement Officer to inform you of your improper sign.
  • Garage and yard sale signs may be posted from 7:00 am to 5:00 PM the day of the sale.
  • Signs should be no larger than ordinary poster paper, 24" X 36"
  • If the sign is posted during other time periods or larger than 24" X 36" your sign may be subject to removal.

If you would like more information about yard sale signs please contact Louisville Code Enforcement at 303.441.4444.

Have a safe and prosperous yard sale.