Construction Updates

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City Construction Project Map


To view the City Construction Project Map, click here. This construction schedule is tentative and subject to change due to construction coordination, unknown site conditions, and weather. 

2019 Concrete Replacement Project

City Council awarded the contract to Standard Concrete Inc.  The project includes replacement of broken, settled and spalled public concrete improvements such as curb, gutter, curb cuts, walk, bike path, cross pan, inlet decks and handicap ramps at various locations.Work is substantially complete.  Contractor will begin addressing Punch List items the week of September 23.

2019 Street Resurfacing Project

City Council awarded the contract to APC Construction Company, LLC (APC).  The project consists of demolition, asphalt paving, milling, patching, leveling, hot chip seal, chip seal, pavement marking and traffic control, including all work appurtenant thereto, on various streets within the City of Louisville.  APC will continue final striping work on Dillon Road the week of September 23.  

2019 Street Reconstruction Project

City Council awarded the contract to PLM Asphalt & Concrete, Inc. The project consists of demolition, asphalt paving and reconstruction, milling, patching, pavement marking and traffic control including all work appurtenant thereto, on various streets within the City of Louisville. PLM Asphalt & Concrete, Inc. has completed construction of the base contract work.  Contractor will be working on the Police Station parking lot the week of September 30.

2019 Slurry Seal Project

The project was awarded to A-1 Chipseal. Night Hawk Circle will receive a slurry seal application scheduled to occur on September 24, weather permitting.  Hight Hawk Circle will be closed to traffic from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

2019  Water Main Replacement Project

The project was awarded to Brannan Construction Co. Brannan Construction Co. will be completing landscape restoration the week of September 16 on Eisenhower Drive. Jackson Circle/South Place construction will continue the week of September 23. Ridgeview Dr. (Town Homes at Coal Creek) work is tentatively scheduled to start the week of September 23.

See locations in above map.

2019  Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

The project was awarded to E-Z Excavating, Inc.  Construction is complete.  Staff performing inspection and will prepare a list of deficiencies for the contractor.   See locations in above map.

2019 Sewer Video Project

The City has contracted with High Country Pipe to provide video inspection of approximately  62,000 feet of sewer mains throughout the City.  Crews and trucks will be accessing the sewer system via manholes located in the streets, alleys or in public right-of-way.  This project is completed.

2019 Ditch Maintenance

The Goodhue and Davidson Ditch Companies will be conducting major cleaning and vegetation removal between 1) Garfield Ave. and Centennial Dr. and 2) Garfield Ave. and Main St.  The City will be partnering with the Ditch Companies activities to minimize the length of time for this disturbance. Work started in July and has mostly finished.  Minor cleanup will occur for the remainder of September.

SH42 Underpass Project

The project was awarded to Edge Contracting.  Construction begins the week of September 23 that will create a pedestrian underpass between Hecla Drive and Summit View Drive underneath SH 42.  

We would like to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during construction and remind everyone to exercise caution when driving, biking, or walking through a construction zone.