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How Do I Read My Water Meter?

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To manage water costs, homeowners must be proactive and manage water consumption!

The City reads each water meter 12 times per year. As of 2004, during the irrigation season, each meter will be read every four weeks. In most residences the meter is either in the basement, crawl space, or meter pit, with a remote readout on the house or in the yard. The readout is a 4" x 3" plastic box with numbers similar to an auto odometer.

  • From right to left, there are 2 black fixed zeros and one black live number wheel, in the hundreds column. When 100 gallons has passed through the meter, an impulse is sent from the meter to the remote, and the hundreds wheel advances one number. When the hundreds wheel moves from 9 to 0 the white, thousands wheel, advances one number and so on to the left.
  • There are 5 active wheels in a remote. Only the white wheels are used in billing because water is billed in thousand gallon units.
  • If a home does not have a remote readout, the homeowner must open the pit to access the meter readings. Reading a meter is similar to reading the remote. The only difference is that a meter has only one fixed zero and 6 live number wheels.
  • The reading on the remote below is 1 million, 476 thousand, 200 gallons. With both meters and remotes, only the white live number wheels, thousands, are recorded by the City meter reader.
  • The reading that would appear on the water bill is 1476 and, from that, the previous months reading is subtracted to determine usage.

If you have any concerns about where or how to determine your water consumption, please contact the Operations Division at 303.335.4750.


If the reading above was taken on Monday and the reading below is taken on Tuesday,that days water consumption is 400 gallons.
400 Gallons Used Per Day
Residents need to monitor water usage to prevent receiving unanticipated large bills. Readings should be recorded on a regular basis. Using the above example, to calculate usage for a 28 day cycle, use the following method. 400 gallons per day x the 28 day billing cycle results in 11 thousand gallons used.
To calculate projected water costs, Refer to the current water rates 1st 5,000 gallons
each additional thousand 6 x $2.91
Water consumption only
Sewer fee
Total Amount Due