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Swim Lessons:Group & Private

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COVID UPDATE: We are working with current state and county health guidelines. As of right now 6ft social distancing is still required so we are limited in our ability to offer swim lesson programming as it is a close contact activity. We are also limited in our staffing and pool usage options. We are working on programming ideas that address these concerns while still maintaining the safety needed for a swim lesson. We are hopeful to have some kind of distanced swim lesson option in the future. We will continue to provide communication to the public about evolving programs and offerings via email, our online monthly catalog, social media, and our website. Thank you for your understanding. 


 Group Swim Lessons

We offer a highly sought out group swim lesson program with classes that teach participants ranging in age from 6mo- 100yrs.

Group Swim Class Descriptions:

  • Parent/Tot (ages 6-18 months) and Parent/Child (ages 1-1/2 - 2 years)

    These programs offer a fun social environment for first time introduction to a structured class in the water. When joining these classes warm up your signing voice. This class is chock full of interactive songs, water play, and safety lessons. This is the perfect class for those that are wondering how to introduce their baby or toddler to the pool in a fun and safe way. View focus & prerequisites >

  • Preschool program (ages 2-5 years)

    Contains Pre-Pollywog, Pollywog, Tadpole & Toad. Teaches kids ages 2-5 to be comfortable and safe in the water. This program is fun and engaging often taught by high energy instructors that are well trained in keeping little ones happy and excited about swimming. With in this program we have an instructor ratio of 1/5. This allows preschool aged kids to have more one on one time with the instructor which results in a higher level of learning. This program prepares children for higher level classes. View focus & prerequisites >

  • Levels 1-6 Program

    Level 1-Level 6 provides programming for ages 6-12. Your child can progress through the levels or start where they feel they fit best. These levels can meet any need from wanting to learn how to float to making it on to a swim team with knowledge in all 4 strokes. View focus & prerequisites >

  • Teen Swim: (Age 12-16 years)

    This class is designed to help Teens become more proficient with the basic swimming strokes Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breast-stroke. In this class we will work on technique, endurance, and even dabble in the pretest skills needed to get into a lifeguard class. The class is designed to provide an opportunity for teens to learn how to swim with other swimmers their age. The first day of class the teens will be asked why they are in the class and what their goals are for the class. While all the goals will vary we will design the class curriculum based on the goals the participants have.*Swimmers must be able to swim freestyle the whole length of the pool in order to be in this class.
  •  Adult Swim:  (Age 18+)

    This class is designed to help Adults learn to swim. The first day of class the Adults will be asked why they are in the class and what their goals are for the class. While all the goals will vary we will design the class curriculum based on the goals the participants have.

Click the button below to register online for any of our group programs or other aquatic programming.

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 Private Swim Lesson MINIS:

  • No Waiting List. No Limit!
  • Lessons are 15 minute time slots available for online registration.
  • Click on online registration- keyword search MINI
  • MINIS are first come first serve so anyone can register for the time slot.
  • A participant may purchase as many time slots as they would like. 
  • Instructors may vary per session. All instructors are experienced and American Red Cross trained.

 Private Swim Lessons:

  • Private Lessons are available for individuals that are looking to achieve very specific goals within a certain time frame and or are not benefiting from a group lesson scenario.
  • Private Lessons are 30 minutes and can be 1 individual or 2. They are $25NR and $20RDF
  • Aquatics has with the input of the community, decided to restructure their private lesson request and instructor assignment.

How to Register:

  • Families will now register for the Resident Waitlist (Louisville residents only ) or the Non-Resident Waitlist.
  • When an instructor has an opening the Resident Waitlist will be looked at first, starting with the first person on the waitlist all the way to the last person on the waitlist. If the open lesson cannot be filled by anyone on the Resident Waitlist then the instructors will look at the Non- Resident waitlist. Families will remain on the waitlist for the whole duration of the catalog. Each new catalog if a spot has not been received families will need to re-register for the waitlist and will be assigned a new place on the list.

Our hope is that this new process will reduce the time people are on the waitlist as those that were lower on the waitlist will potentially get higher next time.

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If a private lesson is cancelled within less than 24 hours notice or a participant does not arrive for the lesson within 15 minutes of the start time, the participant may be charged for the lesson. If this were to become a continual problem the participant may lose their private lesson spot and need to go back on the waitlist.