Guided by the current Sustainability Action Plan adopted by City Council in November 2016, the City of Louisville continuously works towards a more sustainable future for both the natural environment and the community.

On July 5, 2017, Louisville's City Council advanced its commitment to a healthy and sustainable community by voting to adopt Resolution 34-2017 in support of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Upcoming Sustainability

Continue to check back on upcoming sustainability events!

The City of Louisville held its first Sustainability Series in the Louisville Library in 2017 to address the community's top sustainability interests. The sessions, which drew over 240 participants, covered four topics: Energy & Money, Commuting Options, the Louisville Water System and Solar Energy. 

Boulder County Sustainability

Boulder County Sustainability is a comprehensive resource for resident and business programs related to sustainability. 

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Communities across Boulder County are taking action for sustainability, and Louisville is a part of it!