The City is pleased to include a refuse, recycling, and composting program as a part of our utility service. In contract with Western Disposal, this service is intended to lower costs for the majority of Louisville residents, reduce truck traffic and its associated pollution, street damage and noise, as well as drastically reduce recycling rates. 

Keep in mind that the more you divert to your recycling and composting bin, the lower your trash costs can be! 

Sometimes it's hard to know what goes where - is it trash? Is it recycling or composting? For a quick guide, please view our Know Where to Throw cheat sheet. 

Service Overview

All single-family homes NOT a part of an active Homeowner's Association can sign up for the pay-as-you-throw system. Although Western is the hauler, it is the City that will be billing you for the service on your monthly Louisville utility bill.

You may choose from 32-gallon, 64-gallon, or 96-gallon carts for each different service (refuse, recyclables, compostables). Pricing is based on your level of service for trash and compostables. Recycling is included. 

  • Trash is collected weekly on Thursdays;
  • “Single-stream” recycling is included in the service. Recyclables will be collected bi-weekly, also on Thursdays;
  • Compostables are also part of this service. Compostables will be collected bi-weekly, also on Thursdays, alternating with recyclables;
  • You will receive a calendar from Western with the specific pick up dates.
  • You may put out additional bags with your cart. There is an additional cost per bag for pick up. You will need to buy the required sticker and affix it to the bag so that the collection worker knows to pick up the bag. Stickers are available at City Hall (749 Main Street) and the Recreation Center (900 West Via Appia).
  • You are eligible for a free quarterly pickup of a large or bulky item on your regular collection day. To have a large or bulky item picked up, you will contact Western regarding your service, and let them know what you would like to have picked up. They will let you know if any charges may apply and discuss payment options.

REMINDER: All items must fit in your trash and compost cans with the lid shut or Western Disposal will not pick up your can. Call Western Disposal (303.444.2037) to upgrade to a larger container size.