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Traffic Safety

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All the Lous down in Louisville loved their town a lot. But when it came to driving carefully, many people were not. So little tiny Lou from Louisville had a plea – for all of his neighbors to please watch their speed.

Traffic safety (i.e. distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving) is the most common complaint the City of Louisville receives from neighborhoods and it is because unsafe driving has a direct impact on the quality of life for our residents.

What is the City doing? The City is working on short and long-term solutions to address traffic safety. The City is exploring short-term speed management tools and auto, pedestrian and bicycle improvements like enhanced crosswalks and signage that will immediately improve traffic safety. To learn more about these improvements, click here. Long-term improvements will be considered in 2018 as the City begins the process for the Transportation Master Plan, which will look at traffic safety and areas of concern.

The City also relies on enforcement to address this issue. The Police Department continues to provide directed traffic enforcement throughout the community to encourage slowing down, use temporary sign boards to relay important safety messages to drivers and will be equipping its police vehicles with moving speed measuring devices.

What can you do? As a driver, you can drive slowly and courteously, act like a guest in all neighborhoods and make our streets safer and friendlier by driving the speed limit. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that nine people are killed every day in the United States due to distracted driving.

You can limit the risks of distracted driving by using the “Do Not Disturb” setting on your phone or downloading a mobile application that restricts use of your phone while driving. As a pedestrian or bicyclist, you can follow signage and other traffic safety tools. Cross at designated crosswalks and stop at signs and traffic signals and follow their cues.

Looking for additional information? To report an emergency, please call 911. To report an unsafe driver or speak with an officer, please call the Louisville Police Department at 303.441.4444. For other resources, visit the City’s website at www.LouisvilleCO.gov/TrafficSafety and sign up for enotifications by visiting http://www.louisvilleco.gov/residents/enotification and selecting Traffic Safety Updates under News.

Need to report a traffic incident? You can report traffic incidents (speeding, distracted driving or unsafe driving, etc.) by sending an email to ReportTraffic@LouisvilleCO.gov. Please include a description of the incident and the location in which it occurred.