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Traffic Safety Improvements

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In response to citizen concerns, the City moved forward with several traffic safety improvements across town. Over the past year, the City performed mockup field trials of calming solutions, held public meetings, design and installed improvements at 9 locations.

A curb extension, also known as a neck down or bump out, is a traffic mitigation measure, used to provide additional visibility and protection for pedestrians and to slow traffic through the crosswalk. Curb extensions were created using bollards and striping at trail and school crossings on Alder Street, Mulberry Street, Polk Avenue, Hoover Avenue, West Street and Dahlia Street.

Polk Crossing 2 Final

Polk Avenue Trail Crossing

Dahlia Crossing

Dahlia Street Trail Crossing

A refuge island, also known as a pedestrian refuge, is a small section of median where pedestrians can stop before finishing crossing a road. The island provides a refuge after managing one direction of traffic before taking on the next. This improves the experience for pedestrians trying to cross busy streets as they are more likely to find two small gaps in traffic rather than one gap for both directions. Installation of the medians also required narrowing of travel lanes, which typically results in lower vehicle speeds through the crosswalk. Refuge islands were installed at the intersections of Pine Street & Garfield Avenue, Pine Street & McKinley Avenue, Pine Street & Lincoln Avenue and Bella Vista Drive & Hoover Avenue.

Pine Street Refuge Island

Bella Vista & Hoover Refuge Island

Center line striping, typically a double yellow, separates the direction of traffic and reduces the roadway width of the travel lane to the driver. Adding centerline striping typically results in lower vehicle speeds and helps drivers stay in their lane within the curve. Centerline striping was added in the curved sections of Alder Street, Mulberry Street and West Street. It should be noted that crossing double yellow lines to make a left turn into a driveway, alley or business is a legal maneuver.

Alder Curve

Alder Street Curve

Sharrows are shared lane markings. This marking warns motorists that bicycles may be on the roadway and using more of the lane where there is potential danger from parked cars but not enough room for a dedicated bike lane. Sharrows have been installed on Washington Avenue where pavement width does not allow for parking and the continuation of the bike lane. Sharrows are currently installed on sections of Bella Vista Drive and Paschal Drive.

Bella Vista Sharrow

Bella Vista Drive Sharrow

If you have questions or concerns about these improvements, please contact the City Manager's Office at 303.335.4528. The City may complete additional improvements in the future or consider making changes to improvements based on feedback from the public.